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ornament1We a church rooted and grounded in the Word of God. We believe in the Death, Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ

Our Mission

ornament1 The mandate of the church is to make people well (spirit, soul and body) and make feeble bodies strong, to restore that which is lost.

Our Vision

ornament1To make known the healing and saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ across the world, making manifest His presence in our church meetings, crusades.

Ministry Impact

ornament1The ministry has changed the lives and minds of those that have come into contact with the ministry. Since 2002 many have been saved and discovered their destinies,

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Grace-based Giving—Partnership and Fellowship When we experience God’s unmerited favor working in our lives, we…

Mabopane, South Africa


"l had an ear drum operation where my ear drum was removed causing deafness in my ear. I was scheduled for the fifth operation to fix the problem when I came to church on Sunday and Pst S.O. Orefuwa had a healing conference and he called me out and put his finger on my ear and prayed for me and Glory to God l began to hear in the ear that had no eardrum. l want to thank God and give him all the glory for creating a new ear drum for me. "

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