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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Welcome to Word of Faith Ministries website. I would like to thank you for taking your time to visit our site, We believe that Our God through our Lord Jesus Christ with meet you at the point of your need. We are a Healing, Financial, Deliverance Ministry. As you go through our site believe you will find answers all the questions you might have.

Pastor Samuel O. Orefuwa

About us

The mandate of the church is to make people well (spirit, soul and body) and make feeble bodies strong, to restore that which is lost, to mend that which is broken and to make sound minds those that are not sound, from Pretoria and around the world from nation to nation. In 2003 the church moved to Pretoria where the ministry is flourishing and making impact by changing people’s lives and families. Where those sick from different diseases become healed, those struggling financially started having financial breakthrough and those without jobs are blessed with well paying and permanent jobs.

Our Pastors

Pastor Samuel O. Orefuwa is a teacher, preacher, and an apostle with healing ministry. He founded Word of Faith  Ministries in 2002 in South Africa, after God called him and instructed him to leave his legal work. In 2001 he relocated to South Africa as a missionary with the purpose of healing the sick, destroying the works of the devil in the lives of God’s people. In 2003 he launched the church ministry called Word of Faith Ministries,  the church has several churches in south Africa and abroad such as Pretoria our headquarter, Johannesburg , Hebron, Witbank, Olievenhoutbosch, Cape Town,  and Lagos, and the churches are well established to impart knowledge and understanding of the word of God and thereby increase God’s people in the knowledge of God and what he has done for them in Christ Jesus.
He started his missionary work at Sandton Convention Centre were the power of God manifested highly in miracles, healing. Many people’s lives were changed; many were healed of all manner of diseases. In 2008 he married his wife Pastor Nelliana Orefuwa a dynamic teacher of the word of God she is currently Pastoring the main branch in Pretoria South Africa and together God has blessed them with two children Samuel jnr and Joy.

“I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices
that have cost me nothing.”

— 2 Samuel 24:24

The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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The Blessing

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Upcoming Events


  • Channi Crusade



    "This woman was suffering with Goiter, she has been to several Hospitals, and they told her that, this is caused by lack of salt in your body, but she was believing God for healing, when pastor S.O Orefuwa visited their church, he prayed for her and the Goiter completely disappeared and she got her healing."
  • Girl from Hebron


    "This young girl, has been suffering with bronchopneumonia since she was born now 12 years, which is an Inflammation of the lungs due to an infection caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi which causes chest pains, headaches shortness of breath etc. She came for Super Sunday service and Pastor S.O Orefuwa called out for those who are sick and to be prayed for, she came out, pastor prayed for her instantly Bronchopneumonia disappeared, and she started breathing properly, running and do what she couldn’t do before, totally healed."
  • Stroke Healed



    "This woman, has been suffering with Arthritis for a long time she used all her medication but she was not getting better, when she came for Super Sunday service with her Daughter, Pastor S.O Orefuwa prayed for them, Arthritis healed from the mother and Bronchopneumonia from Daughter by Jesus Christ."

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