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Does any of this sound like you?

  • I’m broke. I’m in debt, and I never have enough money to pay the bills.
  • I’m sick all the time, my health is poor, or I’m terminally ill.
  • I struggle with constant fear, anxiety and/or depression.
  • I’m struggling with an addiction and/or living a lifestyle I know is not pleasing to God.
  • I’m struggling in my marriage or relationships at home or work.
  • I have a huge problem, and I do not know how it will ever get solved.
  • I feel like my life is going nowhere, and there is no hope for change.
  • I have an OK life, but I feel like something’s missing.
  • I want to have a better relationship with God.

If any of this describes you, we know how you feel!

We’ve all been there at some time or another. BUT we have good news for you because there is always hope in Jesus, God and His WORD!

The moment you accepted Jesus as LORD of your life, all the promises of God and the power of God became available to you, so you can overcome any situation you will ever face.

You know what else it means? It means life no longer has to be mundane or full of turmoil, but it can be an adventure, full of the love and peace of God.

At Word of Faith  Ministries, we’re committed to help you live a life of victory by teaching you the principles of faith found in The WORD of God that, when applied, will produce real change in your life.

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